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Once upon a time, third-party reviewers such as AAA Travel were the premier sources for finding ratings on a vacation accomodation's affordablily, safety, cleanliness, and value. Not any more. Today, websites such as TripAdvisor® and HomeAway® have made it possible for prospective tenants to hear from past occupants, people just like them, travelers with high expectations.

Meanwhile, no one can rave about amenities they didn't know existed. Nor can the good times roll when people are uncertain how to use things or how to find things. Does the complex have a pool, and if so, what times does it open? Are extra blankets or lawn chairs available? Two rental units may be exactly alike, but the one rented by those who had their questions quickly and easily answered, will provide a far superior experience.

beachPlus, travelers are rarely acclimated to the area, and typically everyone asks the same things: Who serves a good breakfast? What time can I ride my bike on the boardwalk? What's there to do with the kids if it rains? Where are the best shops, boat rentals, or fishing holes?

It has been my experience that questions and uncertainties such as these eat up about 20% of my valuable vacation time, and as an outsider, any research I do to find the area's attractions only ever leads me to the tourist traps.

Thus, I have created this service. I can deliver custom-written documentation that informs and communicates in order to deliver the best rental experience possible, with a far less hassle and worry for you.

The average renter WANTS to be courteous to your wishes. They'd prefer NOT to break things. In order for bedtime to be more peaceful and relaxing, they need to know if the pull-out couch requires finesse to open. Communication increases the likelihood that he or she will treat your place with the care it deserves. Besides less damage and wear on the facility, you will be more likely to invite past renters back for another stay.

I will match the product to the need, but examples might include:

cabinCabins and rustic rentals are my specialty. These require special attention to details such as starting the heater, controlling wildlife, and finding emergency services in the absence of a phone or internet connection. With an appreciation for ecology and outdoor adventure, I understand the needs of the nature-loving enthusiast.

How it Works

It starts with a stay at your place. Like a secret shopper, I want to experience your rental as a typical traveler. Then, after my stay, I will give you the following:

I will review past comments to look for patterns. I will culminate your answers and my experience into draft documentation that can be tweaked to meet your needs.

Together we can create comment cards, frequently asked questions sheets, what-to-bring lists, all of which will add up to satisfaction. In addition, you'll also receive my feedback if wanted. We'll talk about issues and concerns I had while I was there as well as especially nice features and the things I enjoyed most. If solicited, I will offer recommendations for simple maintenance and housekeeping improvements that would enhance your high standards, no extra cost.

This can be applied to cabins, beach houses, condos, apartments and more.

I will work with your management association or cleaning service as needed. Discounted followup service available for future upkeep.

Never let your tenants say, Iif I only would have known." Hire me to develop a Rental Communications Package today. A better informed tenant is a happier tenant, one more likely to write a positive review.

Contact me today to see if this highly customizable service is right for you.


This service is typically estimated as a package deal, based on length of stay, size of unit, nature of the travel destination, and more. United States travel only. Transportation expenses will apply. Legal review of final documentation will be suggested in the absence of a proper rental agreement or other release from liability. Also check out my other freelance writing services.