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Through the sharing of personal experience and an appreciation for natural science, I work to support caring people in their quest to connect to Nature in a meaningful way.

A healthy environment is fundamental to everyone's quality of life. Having followed conservation issues for more than 25 years, I strive to share accurate, credible, and timely information as it relates to the protection of that environment. With an intent to empower every reader, I promote logical and hopeful solutions versus complicated, doomsday scenarios.

Concern for the health of our planet should never be a struggle or a fight, although popular culture may seem to make it so. Too often it feels as if nature -- and a love of it -- needs defending, particularly when in conflict with "economic progress." Not here. I want readers to know they are NOT alone in their compassion and concern. Treading lightly on the earth may not be the easiest, most convenient, or cheapest choice, but for people like me, it's the only choice.

(Click here to read some simple notions of what “being connected” means to me.)

Creative expression, thoughtful gratitude, personal responsibility, and inner wisdom guide my writing. I believe that the answers to life’s biggest questions lie right outside our windows, in the natural world around us. And, whenever possible, I encourage everyone to trust their natural instincts.

What’s Next?

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And whether through my writing or an alternative source, I strongly encourage you to find strength by uniting with others who share your passion for the out-of-doors. And never hesitate to contact me for any reason. I want to hear from you.


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