Freelance Services

Want to be taken seriously?

Yours is a credible, authentic, and professional organization. But do your prospects, customers, members, or employees know that?

In order to build loyalty and trust, you must communicate. You need to develop content that educates and intrigues. This task involves more than stringing sentences together, particularly when you are engaged in a constant battle with too many thoughts and too little time.

I'm here to help you transform an outpouring of ideas into your readers' understanding. Let them realize just how credible you really are.


I've been playing the piano as an amateur musician for nearly 40 years. Thus, rhythm and melody influence my work. I strive to:


Unlike many musicians I know, I require written music to play. I need a map. From the introduction, through the verses and chorus, to the ending, abrupt or fading, I follow the writing to ensure the composer’s original message is captured before I interject my own passion and perspective.

Give your audience the map; invite them to wander all the way through your message; and speak to their hearts so they make it their own.


Be Heard

My service develops structured, easy-to-understand content that conveys honesty, sincerity, and passion for whatever outlet you need (website, brochure, blog, white paper, manual, etc.) And although I ask a lot of questions, I employ flexibility and sensitivity to make the process as pain free for you as possible. When we're finished, you'll have documented communication that you can use to build your image and your business. Under a write-for-hire contract, you are then free to recycle the words for all future needs.

Share your knowledge with your valuable customer. Transform that prospect into a client. Show your member the value of his or her support. Tell your employee exactly what you expect. Communicate.

Get Started

You can learn more about me by browsing this site, which includes both personal and freelance writing. To see samples of business writing, visit my Portfolio page.

I also recommend that you first check out this warning. Then contact me so we can talk about you and your credible, authentic, and professional organization.